Blood Line Clip


Blood tube fixation made simple.

The HED clip is a flexible, rotating clip designed to prevent kinking and hold blood tubing in place during dialysis treatments.




Highly flexible

HEDclip has a full 360 swivel top for flexibility, and can be placed wherever it can find a grip. 

An effective alternative to taping, the HED clip’s unique design allows your patient freedom of movement, and assists with reducing the risk of venous needle dislodgement.1 



User friendly

HEDclip is simple technology that can be used with one hand.





Easily cleaned


Made entirely from a mixture of two plastic compounds, HEDclip does not need to be sterile and can be cleaned with water and cleanser.

If HEDclip comes in contact with blood or becomes soiled, it can be cleaned at temperatures up to 100 degrees Celsius. 


 How to use our Bloodline Clip:


1 Herlin et al., (2009), The risk of Venous needle dislodgement: A study to compare nurse’s knowledge versus practice, EDTNA Hamburg