BioHole Needle w ScabRemover

needle focus

The BioHole Needle with Scab Remover forms an excellent combination with the buttonhole puncture method.
After a fix puncture tunnel is created, you can use the BioHole Needle, which is less sharp than a standard AVF needle, but sharp enough to avoid the trampoline effect.

bio-hole kit 3

Buttonhole puncture may cause fewer complications, compared to using different needle insertion sites for each haemodialysis treatment.

Therefore, the BioHole Needle is recommended for home dialysis and self cannulation Renal Centers. 

Using the BioHole Needle in combination with the buttonhole puncture method results in :

• A reduction of bleeding time

• Minimum penetration force provides less pain to patients 

• A reduction of mispunctures

Scap Remover in focus