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Infusion Care Products

Healthcare Professionals

  • What is Nipro Infusion Program?

    Nipro’s Infusion Care Program is a comprehensive service providing pre-filled Surefusers (elastomeric infusion pump) for reliable continuous infusion therapy in the hospital and in the home environment. The Surefuser is a lightweight, disposable infusor which is adaptable to your patient’s therapy and their lifestyle needs.  It allows ambulatory treatment without bulky, complex electronic devices, so your patient can continue therapy in any setting, promoting comfort and improved recovery.

    The Nipro Infusion Care Program provides an end-to-end service for your healthcare facility and your patients. On receipt of a prescription, Nipro will pre-fill the necessary quantity of Surefusers with the prescribed drug and arrange delivery to your hospital pharmacy, or to your patient, within 24 hours (emergency delivery also available). We have local filling stations located around Australia to ensure rapid turnaround.

    The most common indications:

    • Antibiotic therapy (Cystic Fibrosis, Osteomyelitis, HIV)
    • Chelation (thalassemia)
    • Infusional chemotherapy
    • Pain management
    • Peripheral nerve block

    Administration routes:

    • Subcutaneous
    • IV
    • Intra-arterial
    • Epidural

    For more information on the Nipro Infusion Program, please call 1800 451 737.

  • What is Surefuser?

    Surefuser™+ is a single use elastomeric pump for continuous infusion therapy within the hospital or home environment.

    Simple, ergonomic design makes the Surefuser+ easy to fill, easy to connect, and even easier for your patient to manage. Simply fill Surefuser+ with a standard 50ml Luer Lock syringe, attach Surefuser to IV access and open the clamp.

    Surefuser is available empty, or pre-filled via our Infusion Program to suit your patient’s specific needs/prescription. Click here for Infusion Program info.


    • Continuous antibiotic therapy (outpatient and inpatient)
    • Local anaesthetic infusions/Continuous peripheral nerve block
    • Infusion chemotherapy
    • Acute and chronic pain management
    • Thalassemia

     Product Specifications:

    • 50ml, 100ml and 250ml volumes
    • Wide variety of infusion times from 30mins to 7 days
    • Variety of flow rates
    • Connects easily to an IV line via standard Luer connector
    • Integrated line with flow regulator and 0.2µ self-venting  filter
    • Colour-coded for easy identification

     Need more information?

    Click here to download a step-by-step guide for filling and preparing Surefuser+
    Click here to download the Surefuser+ product brochure.
  • Is this Surefuser easy to fill?

    Click Here to download instructions on how to fill the Surefuser.

  • FAQ's

     How do I order?

    Simply fax your prescription through to Nipro on 02 9437 0860. Nipro will prepare the prescription, package the Surefusers and arrange shipping. Please ensure you include clear delivery instructions on your prescription.

     Is the Surefuser easy to fill?

    The Surefuser is easily filled with a 50ml Luer Lock syringe. Click here for filling instructions

     Does the Surefuser need to be positioned at particular height on the patient?

    Flow rate of the Infusor device is optimal when the elastomeric balloon and luer lock are positioned at the same height. Flow rate will increase if the elastomeric reservoir is positioned above the luer lock, and will decrease if elastomeric reservoir is below the luer lock.

     What catheter size is ideal?

    The length, diameter, and location of the catheter can decrease flow rate. An 18 gauge (4 French) or larger diameter catheter should be used. When delivering medication via a catheter, always refer to the directions provided by the catheter manufacturer.

     Will sunlight or UV light affect the Surefuser?

    Sunlight or UV light may damage the elastomeric material of the Surefuser reservoirs.

     Does leakage occur?

    Normal residual drug in the filling port can sometimes be reported as a leak. To avoid this, wipe away residual solution with a sterile swab after filling. Also, ensure that Fill Port cap is replaced after filling to avoid leakage of this residual solution. Cap must be tightened after filling and priming are complete.

Patients & Caregivers

If your doctor has prescribed a Surefuser for you, this guide can be used for general information.  If you have any questions regarding the contents of these pages, or the Surefuser, please contact your Nurse, Physician or Pharmacist.

  • What is Surefuser?

    The Surefuser is an elastomeric infusion pump designed to deliver drugs over a specific period of time. It allows you to have your treatment at home, so you can continue your treatment without a hospital stay. Once the Surefuser is filled with medication and connected to your catheter/port, it will immediately begin delivering medication. The elastomeric ‘balloon’ inside the device constantly pushes medication through your IV tubing as it deflates, and continues until the Surefuser is empty or disconnected. You will see the elastomeric balloon shrinking over the course of your treatment – infusion treatment is complete when the balloon is completely deflated.

     Treatment Process

    The Surefuser will be filled with a medication that has been prescribed specifically for you, and connected to your catheter/port. Your caregiver or nurse will then change your Surefuser at a specified interval, or your nurse may instruct you on how to change the Surefuser yourself.

    The Surefuser is a lightweight, discrete device so you can go about your daily activities with confidence.

  • Get to know your Surefuser

     Your Surefuser infusion device has a new key components that make it simple and easy to use:


  • Using your Surefuser

     Ideal condition for your Surefuser infusion treatment:


    • Ensure the Luer Lock Connector is taped to your skin at all times
    • Ensure the Surefuser remains at room temperature
    • Do not expose the device to extreme heat or cold, and do not submerge


    Ensure the top of the device is as close as possible to the same level as your catheter/port.


    For effectiveness, the Surefuser needs to remain at approximately the same level as your catheter/port, and must remain close to room temperature. It can be placed under your pillow (on its side), or on a bedside table.


    Surefuser should not be submerged or exposed to a direct stream of water. If you shower, contain your Surefuser in a plastic bag to keep it dry, and either hang it up outside the shower, or place it on a flat surface outside the bath/shower. If you normally have a bath, do not submerge your body under the water full. Contain your Surefuser in a plastic bag, and place it on a chair at the side of the bath to keep it dry. If you have a CVC line, ensure that is not covered by the water. If you have a PICC line, you will need to cover this area with cling film or a plastic bag to keep it dry.

  • FAQ's

     What are the benefits of using a Nipro Surefuser?

    The Surefuser is adaptable to your lifestyle and your treatment. It allows you to have your treatment at home, so you can continue your treatment without an overnight hospital stay.

     What are the risk of using a Nipro Surefuser?

    Occasionally, the Surefuser may stop working or may infuse at a faster rate than anticipated. If these problems do occur, you should contact your hospital or pharmacy for advice.

     How do I carry my Surefuser?

    The Luer Lock connector should always be taped to your skin at approximately the same level as the top of the Surefuser in order to maintain accurate flow rate.

     How do I change my infuser?

    Please do not attempt to change your infuser, unless you have been instructed by your healthcare professional.

     Are there alternatives to home infusion?

    Yes, you can have your treatment in hospital, where your medication will be delivered via drip over several days.

     Can I exercise whilst my Surefuser is active?

    Yes, you can exercise whilst conducting Surefuser infusion therapy providing your Surefuser remains at room temperature and is not submerged in water.

     Can I go about normal daily activities while my Surefuser is active?

    Yes, you can go about normal daily activities whilst conducting Surefuser infusion therapy, providing the Surefuser remains at room temperature and is not submerged in water.

     Can I travel on a plane while my Surefuser is active?

    Yes, it is safe to travel on planes that have pressurised cabins.

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