Safetouch Winged Infusion Sets (Safety PSV/Scalp Veins)

Nipro’s Safetouch™ system is designed for:

  • No change in technique for  medical professionals
  • Optimal user safety
  • Minimal patient discomfort
  • Affordability

Nipro Safetouch™ Infusion Set is specifically designed to help reduce the number of needlestick injuries occurring in healthcare facilities. Our unique patented safety system enables a secure and immediate shielding of the needle as it is being withdrawn from the puncture site, with no change in technique for medical professionals.

  • Activation of the safety mechanism is with one hand, whilst other hand applies pressure at venipuncture site as usual.
  • Confirmation of locked safety by audible click.
  • Large wings for an easy and firm grip.
  • Non-DEHP 30cm tubing.

Need more information?
Click here to download the Safetouch Winged Infusion Sets product brochure with a step-by-step guide for use.